DBinbox: receive large files.

Make a web page that lets people drag and drop pictures, movies, PDFs, Word documents, homework submissions, project proposals, and pretty much anything else to a folder on your computer from their web browser.

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Without dbinbox I couldn't manage all the skills assessments my choir students submit. I would either have to sort through thousands of emails (which doesn't always work because not all kids use email) or print thousands of pages of paper.
Thank you so much for your wonderful product, and the great customer service you provide! It's so nice to see both in today's world :)

Stanford Scriven, Director of Choirs at McKay High School

I use dbinbox in my daily business activities. dbinbox allows my customers to send me larger files with by a simple drag'n'drop. ftp was never userfriendly... And WeTransfer requires more clicks than dbinbox. I am really excited that you now offer the possibility to send larger files! That makes life so much easier.

Bruno Walter


free: $0/forever

  • 20 MB/file
  • 300 MB total/month

basic: $30/year (8.2¢/day)

  • 300 MB/file
  • 10 GB total/month
  • 10 pages
  • edit pages
  • protect pages with an access code
  • embed DBinbox on your website

pro: $100/year (27.4¢/day)

  • 1 GB/file
  • 999 GB total/month
  • 999 pages
  • edit pages
  • protect pages with an access code
  • embed DBinbox on your website
  • custom theme for embedded upload form
  • Upload each user's files to separate subfolders
  • priority support
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