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dbinbox an inbox for your Dropbox
dbinbox demo

dbinbox makes it easy to send files

Pick a username, link dbinbox with your Dropbox account, and share your personal dbinbox link ( with people that want to send you files.

dbinbox is perfect for collecting wedding photos, getting files too big to be sent through email, or sending documents to yourself from a friend's computer.

dbinbox is free for files up to 50 MB, and accounts can be optionally passphrase protected.


Command line tool

$ gem install dbinbox
$ ls
  cat.jpg     lolcats/
$ dbinbox USERNAME cat.jpg lolcats
Uploading cat.jpg             to
Uploading lolcats/lol.png     to
Uploading lolcats/sad_cat.gif to

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Found a bug? This software is open source! Please let me know on this project's github page or @cgenco and I'll try to fix it! :)